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CoResolve: Deep Democracy for leaders

An impactful participative leadership program for anyone wanting to find a great balance between maximising the buy- in of the team, thereby using all the creativity and innovative talent present, and taking the lead in driving the agenda. To It ensure the best quality decisions whilst getting the team on-board along, stopping endless discussions, promoting creativity and engagement and therewith realising so much more efficiency and effectiveness.

Why CoResolve? 

Today’s rapidly changing world requires businesses to frequently, yet efficiently, make critical decisions within organisations that are becoming increasingly complex and with teams which are ever more diverse. To be successful, the inclusion of all diverse perceptions is needed: capturing all the essential knowledge, creativity, expertise and wisdom present within teams. Efficient decision making fundamentally rest on including one’s own ideas as well as opposing and deviant ideas; generating buy-in whilst leveraging all available perspectives.

Recognize these challenges? 

* Creativity flourishes when deviant and unusual ideas are listened to and included. But how do you integrate all of these colourful ideas without losing track of the main goal?

* When people do not feel heard they tend to start repeating their views, resulting in endless discussions. How can you signal this at an early stage and break the pattern?

* When one really opens up to different, and sometimes contrasting opinions and ideas, change becomes an inspiring possibility. How can you, as a leader, support your team to engage in this process?

* Efficient and effective decision-making starts with an open mind for diversity, an eagerness to explore challenging points of view, and is built on generating buy-in for decisions based on all points of view. How can you successfully integrate a diverse set of ideas?

* People do not always speak up when they think differently. How can you signal that you understand this and how do you handle both implicit resistance and conflict from within? And this, both in teams as well as in one-on-one situations?


What we offer:

A two-day training with lots of time to practice your new skills.

Optional follow up sessions, supervision and coaching are possible.

Access to the online Coresolve platform and international community.

CoResolve is offered both as an open training and an in-company training.

CoResolve within your own team

Training for your management team in order to immediately enhance your decision-making process, openness and effectiveness: saving time by simultaneously dealing with real issues.

Apply the method in your meetings and realise instant improvements.

Previous participants

Previous participants from Dutch national and International companies have included educational institutions and consultancy firms, such as VodafoneZiggo, Bosch Rexroth, Fontys Hogescholen, Sitech, Provincie Limburg, Technical University Eindhoven (TUE), Bex Communicatie and Calumis Akademie.

Learn how to deal effectively with:

Group dynamics

Read the dynamics of a group, pick up on the early signs of resistance and emerging conflicts; acting on them in a timely manner to reduce tension.

Understand the obstacles to good communication and build on this as a foundation for shared understanding.

Decision making

Make decisions that gain buy-in, establishing both accountability and responsibility.

Facilitate dynamic conversations by unleashing engagement and creativity whilst maintaining your authority.

Harness the power of the collective wisdom of the group by enabling even the quietest of participants to express their views and let their voice be heard.


Create safety in small and large groups so that challenging conversations can take place.

Resolve differences of opinion, arguments and conflicts as a learning opportunity and a chance for creativity to blossom instead of allowing anger and blame to occupy participants’ minds.

CoResolve leadership training is based on the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy which was developed in post-apartheid South Africa and is practiced in over 20 countries worldwide. The Lewis method of Deep Democracy is a leadership and facilitation methodology particularly useful for resolving relationships and group dynamics that are emotionally charged or marked by diversity and differences of opinions. In CoResolve we have honed these tools for leaders. This method is ‘democractic’ as it emphasizes that every voice counts, and that the best decisions honours the majority as well as the minority voice. It is ‘deep’ as it goes beyond a rational exchanges of ideas: it reveals emotions, intuition and concerns; allowing for honest conversations to take place.

CoResolve Leadership training is offered by Inclusion International: John van Roij & Maud Halkes. We have been trained by Myrna Lewis and others in Deep Democracy and CoResolve. We have years of experience facilitating teams and supporting them to work better together by using, among other methods, the tools of the Lewis method of Deep Democracy. Whilst training managers, leaders, projectleaders and advisors in the leadership CoResolve method we incorporate all of our experience into the trainings.

CoResolve by Inclusion International
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